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Bennett Place, Durham, NC






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WaterWalking ORB

Shot some freelance work this weekend with WORB USA




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I break for decisive moments

Trendy Photo Bumper Stickers :

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“Shanty towns without context” by DuckRabbit

Read the entire scathing commentary on Duck Rabbit

“It is through research and the application of a more self aware ideology
where the public are not patronised and  engaged instead.”

…..Individualising stories to make a point is one method of provoking the emotive response of giving. That has got conventional and the public are too sophisticated in the internet era to fall for it as much as they used to. Look at the response to the devastation in Pakistan and the response in the world. Rightly and wrongly, people have made up their minds and the scale of giving has been reduced…

….Why has the cult of the individual taken over?
It is simple – the cult of personality works better in a world outside of market scrutiny where capital is allocated by human decision making. Get close to the decision makers and you’ll get aid. Get close to the grant givers and you get funds for your shoot. Make them feel personally guilty and they will be compelled to act and donate grants…

… It goes all they way back to the headline “shanty towns without context”. Would any of us want to go to the ill, poor and displaced of the world and stare into their lives in order to feel bad about it? Maybe it is these agency photographers who get a buzz out of being around suffering. It is like laughing at someone who trips on a banana skin relishing the fact that is was not me. I would rather know what is being done, why it happens and the context, context, context… I want to learn something new and see what is being done….
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