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Via Dolorosa

Tourists on the Via Dolorosa

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Historical Tourism in Israel

religious-tourism-001.jpgHoly Land tour group poses for the Dome of the Rock.

religious-tourism-002.jpgWoman at the Wailing Wall

religious-tourism-003.jpgPhotographing inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre


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Day 10 in Jerusalem

old-city-001.jpgYou find these mannequins in markets all over town, sporting the latest fashion in hijabs. I’ve wanted this shot
ever since my last visit here 2 years ago, and I think I might have gotten it this time.

old-city-002.jpgTaking cues from American Relics, my photo essay on American History as a spectacle, I’ve been photographing a lot of tourism scenes in Jerusalem, from the same perspective and style. I only spent about 5 minutes with the scene, and this is as close as I came to getting the shot. It’s almost there, but not quite. Hopefully I’ll have time to revisit the scene and get the foreground background interaction I’m looking for.


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