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Leave Your Heelprint Video

Finished a Video project working with UNC Housing last year that is now live on their website http://housing.unc.edu/ .
Shot on my T2i using environment lighting and a reflector, a marantz and a lapel. Simple, Easy, Beautiful.   Enjoy





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HDSLR: Cutting-Edge-Bullcrap

“Personally I think DSLRs part piece is the wide shot and not the shallow DOF closeup a…. DSLR footage is so recognizable now … I just find myself fed up of the shallow look and it annoys me now…. You can take your never ending timelapses, masturbatory lingering macro shots of everyday objects (look! it’s familiar but with this lens it looks alien!)…” ——FROM EL SKID

Some wisdom for our work and our fascination with the new-easy-obtainable.

Skid prefers the work of Claudiu Voicu, and I can only wholeheartedly agree.
Be sure to check out the How-I-Shot-It record on Claudiu’s personal site.




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The Last Thing I’ll Be Doing For University

presenting: the last thing i’ll be doing for university for awhile

seriously though, i hope you enjoy it

deeply inspired by http://vimeo.com/everynone

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From the Archives: FLIGHT

shot and edited in 48 hours
From North Carolina to Lima, Peru.

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